GBA emulator for Android


The most recent emulator that was developed by the programmer yongzh is the GameBoid, which is considered to be remarkable in terms of allowing people to play as if they are playing Game Boy Advance.

Taking a look at emulators made by yongzh that are based on Android, the GameBoid is said to be all about the most recent hardware, which is the console of the Game Boy Advance, and this was introduced during the beginning of the decade. Taking this into account, users of the application may expect that its performance is at its finest, and the good thing is that, indeed it truly performs well.

gameboid gba romGameBoid GBA Emulator for Android Phones

A Review about GameBoid

Let us have a brief history about the GameBoy Advance (GBA) to better understand our inclination towards GameBoid. As you are probably well aware, the GBA is one of the latest releases of GameBoy which started gaining popularity in the late 1980s. The GBA proved to be quite successful, and even hosted numerous games that we all enjoyed, such as the SNES and some really cool exclusives like Castevania and Zelda.

Take note that in spite of the visual experience you can get from SNES titles in GBA, the GameBoid certainly has held a firm and solid ground, and never had to struggle in a way that others do. Sound and speed have never posed any problem.

gameboy emulator apkAlthough the GameBoid is relatively new, it amazingly won over other emulators. It can play all game titles, and although there are minor glitches in terms of slowdown and stutters, the quality offered is definitely better than Gensoid and Nesoid, and is clearly so much better than the SNesoid. Android Emulator - NESoid NES Android

The GameBoid can provide scaling effects and sprite rotation, and contains numerous options for you to customize whatever it is that you would like. This includes changing the aspect ratio, change screen size, assign buttons in the keyboards, and save your game with the one-click save feature. - GENSoid SEGA Genesis

ROMs obtained from the Net do carry risks in terms of legal copyrights, and you may get into trouble if you get one unless you are the owner of the original cartridge. This stuff is pretty boring so we aren’t going to discuss these. All you need to know is the bottom line which is to make sure you understand that getting copyrighted ROMs will most likely get you into trouble, if you aren’t careful. SNESoid Super Nintendo Android

Being the most expensive yongzh emulator priced at $3.99, the developer made sure it is worth the price by ensuring topnotch quality for this emulator. This being said, we only have good things to say about the GameBoid. If you have tried it, surely, you will be nodding your head in agreement.

Resources: GBA BIOS file - download > extract from the rar archive.